Floor Analysis as Detached 2D Structures

The building model is calculated in two phases:

  • Global 3D calculation of the global model, where the slabs are modeled as a rigid plane (diaphragm) or as a bending plate
  • Local 2D calculation of the individual floors

After the calculation, the results of the columns and walls from the 3D calculation and the results of the slabs from the 2D calculation are combined in a single model. This means that there is no need to switch between the 3D model and the individual 2D models of the slabs. The user only works with one model, saves valuable time, and avoids possible errors in the manual data exchange between the 3D model and the individual 2D ceiling models.

The vertical surfaces in the model can be divided into shear walls and opening lintels. The program automatically generates internal result members from these wall objects, so they can be designed as members according to any standard in the Concrete Design add-on.