Temporary Bridges by Janson Bridging, Netherlands

Customer Project

Janson Bridging in Hank, the Netherlands, produces temporary, emergency and permanent bridges for civil, industrial and military use. All these bridges - consisting of several types - are based on modular concepts, that can be easily adjusted to the wishes of the customer.

Structural Engineering Janson Bridging
Hank, Netherlands

Bridge parameters


The modules are elements with a limited length that can be joined using couplings. Thus the bridge engineer can set the span, depth and width of the bridge by adding elements together.

These bridges have to satisfy various national codes, being mainly the Eurocode and the American standard (AASHTO).

Since Janson Bridging’s inhouse engineering department calculates each individual bridge separately, with bridge spans ranging from 2 to 40 elements, the amount of work can be considerable in order to calculate the deflections, reaction forces, and stresses.

Hence Janson Bridging decided to optimize its engineering process, by automating the creation of RFEM and CAD bridge models in 2012. The goal was to generate, calculate, design, and check the bridge automatically.

Automatic Generation with RF-COM Interface

Today using the RF-COM-interface Janson generates their JSK, Bailey and JPB-bridge types automatically.

The analysis models consist of members and/or surfaces, using components such as nonlinear bracing, compression only members, and orthotropy.

Additionally Janson is able to generate a so-called Tandem System (LM) running along the span of the bridge. The reaction and internal forces are automatically stored in the correct pages of the spreadsheet, thus considerably reducing the amount of work for the engineer. Using the automatization tools the engineer can calculate the reaction forces in just a few minutes.

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RFEM Main Program
RFEM 5.xx

Main Program

Structural engineering software for finite element analysis (FEA) of planar and spatial structural systems consisting of plates, walls, shells, members (beams), solids and contact elements

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RF-COM 5.xx

Add-on Module

Programmable interface (API) based on the COM technology

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