Naikoon’s Global Headquarters CLT Staircase Vancouver, BC Canada

Customer Project

Owner Naikoon Contracting Ltd., Canada
Architecture Studio 531, Canada
Engineering ASPECT Structural Engineers, Canada
Shop Drawings and Logistics Styxworks, Canada
Manufacturing KLH, Austria
Installation/Gluing Timber Structures 3.0, Switzerland

Naikoon Contracting Ltd. announced their new global headquarters location in Vancouver, BC late 2018 with a grand opening in Spring 2019. The new office is centered around a set of stunning cross-laminated timber (CLT) stairs which utilize a profound gluing technology developed by Timber Structures 3.0 (TS3). This marked the first time TS3 has been used in North America.

Project Details

The CLT panels were manufactured and pre-treated by KLH Austria. The TS3 gluing technology utilized for this project allows for butt-joint bonded wood products and does not require any nails or screws. This bonding approach is ideal for architects and builders to dream up endless possibilities including long wooden beams, folded structures, and wildly curved lines.

With the help from TS3 experts, Naikoon employees as well as others involved in the structure design took part in an intensive training course devoted to exploring the research and development of TS3 and a hands-on session with the gluing technique. The installation of the stairs also took place with the TS3 team which took a little over a week to complete.

Structure Details

The CLT stair is supported only at the base and the top with a floating landing. Based on the geometry, this required a rigid structure capable of handling bending and torsional moments.

The structure was analyzed in RFEM utilizing the RF-LAMINATE module. RF-LAMINATE allowed to quickly adjust and run various CLT layups in order to analyze the respective behavior and stress distribution.

Because the joints only include a single layer of adhesive, the analysis and design were quite simple compared to other more complex connection types that could have been used for this application.

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