Markas Headquarters in Bolzano, Italy

Customer Project

Investor Markas S.r.l., Bolzano, Italy
Architecture, Structural Design, Technical Building Equipment Planning

ATP architekten ingenieure, Innsbruck, Austria

KTB, Bolzano, Italy

Construction Company Unionbau, Sand in Taufers, Italy
ATP architekten ingenieure, in collaboration with Kauer Ingenieure, have designed a spectacular building with an external supporting structure utilizing BIM.

The structure, which is over 131 ft high, serves as the new headquarters for the service company Markas located in Bolzano. Markas initiated the design project bid in 2016 and was awarded to ATP. It was the first building in Italy to receive the prestigious WELL Gold certification.

In addition to the architectural and structural design, ATP was also responsible for the building’s technical equipment planning. ATP’s engineers utilized the finite element program RFEM to perform the structural analysis.


The V-shaped, truss facade forms the main supporting structure in combination with the central access towers. The truss facade dominates the exterior view and allows for a column-free design and an open-floor layout.

The hybrid of reinforced concrete and steel members support the entire building at the connection points. The external structure is exposed to extreme temperature differences, especially during the winter months. Therefore, the hybrid construction proved to be the optimal solution for the structural and fire protection requirements. The composite window facade with glass railings forms the building envelope and includes an offset distance of 7.87 in. to the outer truss.

The structural design provides unobstructed office layouts and offers employees a panoramic view over adjacent buildings to the picturesque Bolzano scenery.

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