International Sales Workshop in Prague 2023

We kept looking at the calendar with great anticipation and now it was finally time again: On September 6 to September 10, our international sales workshop took place in Prague. It feels like an eternity since we were last together. The agenda included news on the distribution of Dlubal programs worldwide.

The coronavirus pandemic separated us for four long years, but in the end, what belongs together always finds its way together: our sales team! All Dlubal Software branch offices were represented here. Colleagues from the USA, France, Italy, China, and Poland traveled to Prague for exciting days full of sales power. They met our Czech and German sales teams there.

Although we are in regular contact with each other via Teams, it is always a special event to see everyone face-to-face again. During the past few days, we have been through various workshops together. The topics were wide-ranging. The exchange of experience on the individual regions of the world was particularly exciting.

What do customers in France respond to best? What is the situation in Germany? We found some interesting similarities and differences to explore between them. This meeting was not only particularly valuable for the international exchange.

Together, we defined new standards and further developed the existing ones. As in every industry, the coronavirus pandemic has left its mark on us – and on our customers. What is important to our customers today, and what has changed compared to the past? How can we best respond to that? This is ideal for developing new strategies.

We also reviewed our current processes and worked on ideas to make them smoother and faster. A big topic was presenting the advantages of our products to potential customers or regular users. How do we best present our software in the individual sales teams, and what is particularly important for customers in the respective regions?

It was really great that all the sales people got together again. These days were exciting and instructive for all of us. We are really looking forward to next year in Prague.


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