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After loging in as a User, it is not possible to open the Project Manager: The corresponding icon and the menu selection are grey. The program has been installed under the login as an Administrator. When logged in as an Administrator, the Project Manager works without problems.


The problem is usually due to the user rights required for RSTAB, RFEM, SHAPE-THIN, etc.

Rights for Folders
A user of Dlubal Software programs needs write and read access permissions for the following folders:

  • Dlubal Software program folders RFEM 5.xx, RSTAB 8.xx, SHAPE‑THIN 8.xx, etc.
    You can find them in the directory C:\Program Files\Dlubal by default.

  • Dlubal Software master data folder General Data.
    Each program has the own master data folder. By default, this folder can be found in the directory C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\RFEM 5.xx, C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\RSTAB 8.xx, etc.

  • Folders of Dlubal Software projects

  • Folders of temporary files.
    By default, these folders can be found in the directory C:\Users\"login name"\AppData\Local\Temp\Dlubal. The path of the working directory can be checked in the Program Options dialog box in RFEM/RSTAB (see Figure).
You can assign the rights in the Explorer: select the folder and open the properties. In the Security tab, you can then define full access for a User group or for a selected user, for example.

Rights for Registry
In addition, a user needs the write and read access permissions for the following registry entries:



These rights can be assigned in the registry editor, which can be opened by entering regedit in the start menu text box. Set the path and select the DLUBAL entry. Using the menu "Edit → Permissions," you can the define full access for a User group or for a selected user.

For more information, see the video about user rights.


Project manager greyed out User



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