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How can I create a frame joint with taper in JOINTS Steel - Rigid?


To enter a taper on a beam, select the Layout dialog section. A taper can be modeled either on the underside or on the top side of the beam.
The plate thicknesses as well as the height of the taper are defined by selecting a tapered cross-section, since, for example, frequently used cross-sectioned rolled cross-sections are used. If any plates are used, a parametric T-section can be selected. The length of the taper as well as the material are entered in the same dialog section. The weld thickness for connecting the taper to the beam can be defined in the Welds dialog section.
If a tapered member is already used as the beam (entered in the Nodes and Members via Different Cross-Sections and Lengths section), it is not possible to model an additional taper.


Taper Frame joint Column beam


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