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Comprehensive and easy options in the individual input windows facilitate the representation of the structural system:

Nodal Supports
  • Support type of each node is editable.
  • It is possible to define a warp stiffening on each node. The resulting warp spring is determined automatically using the input parameters.
Elastic Member Foundations
  • In the case of elastic member foundations, you can manually enter spring constants.
  • Alternatively, you can use various setting options to define the rotational and translational spring from shear panel.
Member End Springs
  • RF-/FE-LTB calculates the individual spring constants automatically. You can use the dialog boxes and detailed pictures to represent a translational spring by connecting component, a rotational spring by a connecting column, or a warping stiffener (available types: end plate, channel section, angle, connecting column, cantilevered portion).
Member Hinges
  • If there are no member hinges defined in RFEM/RSTAB for the set of members, you can define them directly in the RF-/FE-LTB add-on module.
Load Data
  • The nodal and member loads of the selected load cases and combinations are displayed in separate windows. There you can edit, delete or add them individually.
  • RF-/FE-LTB automatically applies the imperfections by scaling the lowest eigenvector.

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  • Updated 10/26/2020
RFEM Steel and Aluminum Structures
RF-FE-LTB 5.xx

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Lateral-torsional buckling analysis of members according to the second-order analysis (FEM)

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