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Structural Engineering Kai Ollesch, Ulrich Körner, Robin Eckardt
Students at Dortmund University, Germany
P3 "Tower Constructions" Project
Academic Year 1997/98

Within the P3 Project "Tower Constructions", students of Dortmund University in Germany designed and analyzed a solar chimney power plant.

The Aufwindkraftwerk is a renewable energy plant, which generates the electrical power from solar heat at low temperature. The solar heat is collected by the collectors, which surround a fireplace in the center of the plant up to a distance of several kilometers. The warm air rises in the chimney due to natural convection and the upwind drives a vertical-axis turbine at the bottom of the tower tube. The turbines then convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The wind power station of this student project is designed as a steel structure. The stability of the 1,300m-high chimney is ensured by cable members. The area of the collector is more than 3.5 km². The total weight of the wind turbine is about 122 000 tonnes.

For the design of the wind turbine, a spatial model of the steel structure was created in RSTAB with a total of 801 nodes, 3,128 members and 19 cross-sections.

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