Production and Office Building in Dunningen, Germany

This esthetically sophisticated commercial construction built in the German town of Dunningen consists of two halls used for production and storage, extending over an area of about 43,056 ft², and includes a two-story solid structure covering 8,611 ft².

With this new building, the German family business of Trautwein Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH has a second operating location. The design of the building, whose exterior is kept entirely white, comes from Röing genannt Nölke Architekten. Isenmann Ingenieur GmbH, a Dlubal customer, was responsible for the structural design of the solid and steel construction (work phases 1-6). RFEM was used to perform the structural analysis.


The main structure of the two-span hall used for storage and production consists of reinforced concrete columns bearing steel trusses. Three sawtooth roofs underlining the staggered shape of the building ensure sufficient exposure to natural light. A wide cantilevered roof in the supply area gives the building a comfortable level of lightness. The hall's facades are clad with deeply profiled trapezoidal steel sheets.

The two-story office building, including an inner courtyard, was built using reinforced concrete. The ground floor creates a connection to the production, while offices are located on the upper floor. The administrative area is clad with a smooth metal facade (made of aluminum).

The project has been nominated for the German Industrial Building Award 2022. In October, the award will be given in Stuttgart, Germany.

Location Trautwein Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH
Peter-Birk-Straße 8
78655 Dunningen, Germany
Investor Trautwein Präzisionsdrehteile GmbH
Architect Röing genannt Nölke Architekten PartGmbB
Structural Design Isenmann Ingenieur GmbH
Shell Steudtner & Bantle Bau GmbH
Steel Structure Friedrich Bühler GmbH & Co.KG

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 837
Number of Lines 1380
Number of Members 1374
Number of Load Cases 9
Number of Load Combinations 24
Number of Result Combinations 3
Total Weight 65.763 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 71.600 x 22.220 x 10.527 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 234.91 x 72.9 x 34.54 feet
Program Version 5.25.01

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