Multilayer Surfaces (such as Laminate, CLT) for RFEM 6

Product Description

  • Finite Elements in Structural Engineering Practice

Definition of Multilayer Surfaces, Such as Laminate Surfaces or Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)


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The Multilayer Surfaces add-on allows you to define multilayer surface structures. The calculation can be carried out with or without the shear coupling. A flexible composition of layers (using surface releases) as well as a coupling of solid elements consisting of gas, for example, is possible.

A local overall stiffness matrix is created from a user-defined layer structure. The add-on is suitable, for example, for the definition of cross-laminated timber elements, textile reinforced concrete, insulating glass panes, fiber-reinforced plastic, etc. The design (currently being developed) is carried out in add-ons such as Timber Design, Concrete Design, Stress-Strain Analysis.



  • Flexible definition of different layer compositions
  • High efficiency due to few entries required
  • Flexibility due to detailed setting options for basis and extent of calculations
  • Based on the selected material model and the layers contained, RFEM generates a local overall stiffness matrix of the surface.


The data specified in the Multilayer Surfaces add-on regarding materials, load combinations, and result combinations must comply with the design concept of the standard. The material library already contains the relevant materials. RFEM allows for the automatic generation of load and result combinations in accordance with the standard. It is also possible to create the combinations manually.

The structure of layers forming the basis for the stiffness calculation can vary. You can adjust the parameters defined by the selected material model according to your individual needs. In this way completely free selection when generating the stiffnesses is provided.

The limit stresses of each layer are defined by the selected material. It is possible to adjust the values by user-defined specifications. The composition of layers is assigned as a thickness type to any surface.



The stiffnesses contain all design check formulas including standard references, so that the design checks can be precisely traced.

All input and result data are part of the RFEM printout report. You can select the report contents and extent specifically for the individual design checks.

Manual for Multilayer Surfaces (e.g. Laminate, CLT)



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