Pneumatic Membrane Structures with RFEM & RF-FORM-FINDING

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First Steps with RFEM

First steps

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Pneumatic structures are extremely lightweight air supported structures. The existing internal pressure gives the enveloping membranes structural integrity to counteract external loadings.
Utilize RF-FORM-FINDING to design air-inflated single-layer membrane systems, such as air domes, and double-layer membrane systems – including pneumatic cushions. Calculate positive or negative pressure systems or combination of both.
Typical membrane materials, including ETFE, are possible to define. Nonlinear material models capture the more realistic membrane strain behavior.
Determine the membrane shape with a permanent positive or negative pressure application within the gas solid. The prestressed shape determined with the form-finding process can now resist external loads.
Calculate all load situations for open and closed (without compressors) systems, and design the membranes for short-term and long-term loads such as wind and snow.
Additionally, design the supporting structure according to the various cross-section and stability design within a single program.


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