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23 July 2019


Lukas Sühnel

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How can I export my member structure from RFEM/RSTAB so I can continue to use it in my design program? In the case of the export to the *.dxf format, I only get centroid lines.


First, you should check if there is possibly a specific interface for the design program. If you use Revit or Tekla, the direct interfaces are available. There is also the option to export to the DSTV format. This is also supported by many programs.

Of course, the export to the * .dxf format is possible at any time. However, since member structures are basically pure weight line models to which the information about cross-section and material is only attached, you can only export the lines.
However, if you need the member as a 3D object, you can use the export into the Bentley ISM format. Please note that the free Bentley Structural Synchronizer is required. You can find a link to this product at the end of this article. The export can be easily started by clicking "File" - "Export."

The Structural Synchronizer converts the members into solid models. Then, a file with the extension * .ism.dgn is written. This format is supported by many design programs.


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