Oxigeno in San Francisco de Heredia, Costa Rica


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25 June 2019


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A unique project called "Oxigeno" in San Francisco de Heredia, San José, Costa Rica. The recreational and commercial space, which measures almost 125,000 m², offers the visitor a relaxing shopping atmosphere in harmony with nature. The main food court is covered with a 1,600 m² ETFE cushion as roof, currently the biggest one in the world.

The Dlubal customer z3rch used RFEM and RF-FORM-FINDING for the form-finding and the calculation of the structure including the cable web structure and the membranes.

The roof with a diameter of 45 m consists of a ETFE foil which is supported by a cable web. At the edge, square hollow sections form two circulating rings which are supported on the customer's structure.

A security system against the formation of water pockets is used for this project, which has been developed by the company 3dtex. No plastic tube is inserted here inside the cushion. This system shall ensure a higher safety against the formation of water pockets on the one hand and a clear, elegant architectural design of the structure on the other hand.

Architect: Jerde | www.jerde.com

Engineering ETFE + Cable Structure + Cutting Patterns: z3rch | https://z3rch.com

General Contractor ETFE Cushion Roof: 3dtex GmbH | www.3dtex.de

Assembly: Lonas Lorenzo | lonaslorenzo.com.mx

Manufacturing ETFE Foil: Novum Membranes GmbH | novum-membranes.de

Manufacturing Stainless Steel Cables: Jakob | www.jakob.eu

Photos and model: © by 3dtex © by z3rch


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