RFEM 5 - BIM Integration with Tekla Structures

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19 September 2013

Accomplished and Recorded

Length: 1:31:22 h

  • Covered scenarios and data exchange
  • Live demo of workflow
  • Update options

Time Schedule

  • Up to 00:05:30: RFEM/RSTAB interface with Tekla Structures
  • Up to 00:08:40: Import from Tekla Structures
  • Up to 00:14:00: Export and update from Dlubal Software to Tekla Structure
  • Up to 00:15:35: Transfer of additional information to Tekla Structure
  • Up to 00:19:40: Covered scenarios
  • Up to 00:29:08: Creating and preparing a structural model in Tekla Structure
  • Up to 00:33:10: Direct import of the analytical model to RFEM
  • Up to 00:37:05: Transfer of an entire model from Tekla to RFEM and detail settings of the import
  • Up to 00:55:45: Generating loads in RFEM
  • Up to 01:02:00: Steel design in RF‑STEEL EC3
  • Up to 01:05:10: Concrete design in RF‑CONCRETE Surfaces
  • Up to 01:13:45: Result evaluation and cross‑section optimization
  • Up to 01:17:30: Updating existing model with the results
  • Up to 01:28:00: Frequently asked questions
  • Up to 01:31:22: Closing words


M.Eng. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Walter Rustler
Sales Director & Customer Support
Mr Rustler is the representative of Dlubal Software GmbH as well as marketing director. Also, he participates in product development. He is the presenter for this webinar.


building information modeling, BIM, interface, data exchange, Tekla Structures, analytical model, physical model, finite element analysis, FEA, round‑trip engineering

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