Structural Analysis of Glass in RFEM

Free Online Seminar

18 August 2016

Accomplished and Recorded

Length: 1:04:49 h

  • Modeling, loading, and analysis of glass surfaces in RF-GLASS
  • Local calculation of individual glass surfaces, without regard to the surrounding structure
  • Global calculation of the entire structure, with regard to interactions among glass surfaces and the surrounding structure

Time Schedule

  • Up to 00:01:10: Introduction
  • Up to 00:03:08: Concept of RFEM and RF‑GLASS add‑on module
  • Up to 00:06:15: Single-layer, laminated glass and insulated glass types
  • Up to 00:09:05: Calculation types in RF‑GLASS
  • Up to 00:15:45: Modeling and loading glass surface in RFEM
  • Up to 00:29:10: Example - Preparing data for local calculation in RF‑GLASS: Selecting load cases, setting layers (glass and foil), specifying composition details, defining line and nodal supports, setting serviceability data
  • Up to 00:32:25: Example - Case 1: Local calculation of laminated glass and evaluation of results
  • Up to 00:51:35: Example - Case 2: Local calculation of insulated glass considering climatic load
  • Up to 00:57:00: Example - Case 3: Global calculation of a single‑layer glass
  • Up to 01:01:20: Example - Case 4: Global analysis of a balcony consisting of glass panels and steel components
  • Up to 01:03:14: Example - Creating a printout report including several graphics
  • Up to 01:04:49: Closing remarks


Amy Heilig, M.S., P.E.
CEO of Dlubal Software, Inc. & Customer Support
Amy Heilig is the CEO of the US office located in Philadelphia, PA. In addition, she provides sales and technical support and continues to aid in the development of Dlubal Software programs for the American and Canadian market. She is the presenter for this webinar.


glass layer, climatic loading, glass analysis, single-layer glass, laminated glass, insulated glass

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