AISC 360-22 Steel Connection Design in RFEM 6 (USA)

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AISC 360-22 Steel Connection Design in RFEM 6
AISC 360-22 Steel Connection Design in RFEM 6 (USA)
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
English (US)
Free Webinar | AISC 360-22 Steel Connection Design in RFEM 6 (USA)

This webinar will provide an introduction to steel connection design acc. to the AISC 360-22 in RFEM 6.
Time Schedule
Connection component input in Steel Joints Add-on
Automatic FEA submodel generation including buckling analysis
Design results review acc. to AISC 360-22
Integrated steel member design in Steel Design Add-on

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During the presentation, you will have the opportunity to ask individual questions.

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Presentation Model to Download

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