How can I update the graphics card driver, and where do I find the current driver versions?


You can find the latest drivers for graphics cards on the websites of the graphics card manufacturers.

Please note that the graphics card drivers must match the operating system. A driver written for Windows 8, for example, may not work with Windows 10.

On the website, there is usually a "Driver" or "Download" link. 

First, read the installation instructions. You have to select the graphics card model and the operating system. Based on this information, you can usually download an executable file.

Save it to any folder and start the file after the download is complete.

Some manufacturers (for example, NVIDIA) offer a driver for different graphics card models.

Generally: www.treiber.com

ATI: www.amd.de

NVIDIA: www.nvidia.com

Matrox: www.matrox.com

SiS: www.sis.com

If you use an NVIDIA card on a remote computer, you may have to install an additional tool from NVIDIA to enable remote accelerated OpenGL: