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How can I transfer the project data and settings of an older PC to a new PC?


The directory tree in the Project Manager is managed in the files PRO.DLP (RFEM, RSTAB), SHAPE_THIN_PRO.DLP (SHAPE‑THIN) or SHAPE_MASSIVE_PRO.DLP (SHAPE‑MASSIVE) which is located in the folder C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\Global\Project Manager by default. You can check the Project Manager directory paths in the "Program Options" dialog box.

If you copy this file from your old computer and paste it in the Project Manager folder of the new computer, you can quickly restore the original structure in the Project Manager. Thus, it is no longer necessary to integrate the individual projects. In order to link the projects on the new computer correctly, the projects have to be stored in the same place.

Furthermore, you can save other user-defined libraries, for example:

Printout report headers:
DlubalProtocolConfigNew.cfg (RFEM, RSTAB), DuenqProtocolConfig (SHAPE-THIN) or DickqProtocolConfig.cfg (SHAPE-MASSIVE) in folder C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\Global\General Data

Report templates:
RfemProtocolConfig.cfg (RFEM) in folder C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\RFEM 5.XX\General Data, RstabProtocolConfig.cfg (RSTAB) in folder C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\RSTAB 8.XX\General Data

User cross-section library:
EigProf.dat in folder C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\RFEM 5.XX\General Data (RFEM) or C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\RSTAB8.XX\General Data (RSTAB)

User material library:
The material library is in two parts.
Materialien.dbd + Materialien_User.dbd in folder C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\RFEM 5.XX\General Data (RFEM) or C:\ProgramData\Dlubal\RSTAB 8.XX\General Data (RSTAB)


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