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1 December 2017



Which folders of Dlubal Software should I enable when having problems with antivirus software?


The antivirus software on your computer may cause some problems. Please exclude the following folders from the virus scanner:

- Program folder Dlubal for 64‑bit applications, such as RFEM 5 and RSTAB 8, if installed as a 64‑bit application. It has usually the following path:

C:\Program Files\Dlubal

- Program folder Dlubal for 32‑bit applications, such as RFEM 4 and RSTAB 7. It has usually the following path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Dlubal - ProgramData Dlubal C:\ProgramData\Dlubal

- Folder for temporary files:

Open RFEM or RSTAB and open the program options (menu command "Options → Program Options"). Select "Working Directory" in the "Category" list. The line below the list displays the path.


Antivirus software Enable folder

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  • Updated 5 April 2021

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