I would like to apply a protruding reinforcement to a surface, which should improve the load application and reduce the stress peaks in the contact area. How can I achieve this with the minimum possible effort?


The easiest way, of course, would be to insert an opening for the area that should be reinforced, and to include this opening in a thicker surface again (surface thickness + reinforcement thickness). To do this, proceed as follows:

1. First, create all boundary lines (Figure 01).

2. Create the first surface with the external bundary lines if these do not exists yet (Figure 02).

3. Create an opening where the inner surface should rest then (Figure 03).

4. Create the inner surface (Figure 04).

5. Create further openings within the inner surface, if necessary (Figure 05).

However, this modeling does not consider the contact between the surface and the reinforcement (possible failure at tension). A consideration more close to reality would be, for example, by using contact solids, but this modeling would be more time-consuming, depending on the model. However, this provides more accurate results. For this, you can find a link to the article about modeling of contact solids below.


Reinforcement Singularity Stress peaks Surface in surface Surface within thicker surface


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