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9 May 2019

Paul Kieloch Results RFEM

I used the RCs for the calculation of my reinforced concrete surfaces. However, in the "Surfaces - Local Deformations" table, the "Corresponding Load Cases" are not displayed. Is there any way to find them?


It is correct that no corresponding load cases are displayed in Table 4.13 "Surfaces - Local Deformations".

However, you can find them in Table 4.4 "Members - Local Deformations", for example. See Figure 01.

If you want to see the corresponding load cases for the max. deformations of a RC on a certain surface, it is possible to integrate a member into this surface. In order that this member does not influence the surface stiffness, it is recommended, for example, to use a very small cross-section.

If the member has been integrated or cross-linked correctly in the surface, the table shown in Figure 01 is obtained. Figure 02 shows the corresponding deformation in the surface component.

Optionally, right-click the row containing the desired result (for example, max uz ) in Table 4.4. In the shortcut menu, you can now use the option "Generate CO Acc. Selected Row" which can be used to generate a CO that contains the load cases belonging to the selected value. See Figure 03.

When having executed this command, you receive a CO from the RC with the corresponding load cases. See Figure 04 with the results of the generated CO and the max. deformations in the considered field.


Corresponding load cases Deformation Result combination Load combination Generate CO after selection of row


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