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During the calculation in RF‑CONCRETE Members, I get the warning "Error while reading in the design forces and moments from the main program!", although the results are available. What is the reason?


In RF‑CONCRETE Members, it is possible to design result beams. If the result beams to be designed are defined incorrectly, so that no internal forces can be determined for them, a warning message appears during the calculation in RF‑CONCRETE Members. The result beams that have been defined incorrectly can be found by displaying the results of the member internal forces. These result beams must be modified accordingly.
In this example, there are no resulting internal forces displayed for Result Beam 2. Instead of Surface 2, Surface 1 was specified by mistake as the included object for this result beam (Figure 02).


Warning No. 374 Warning Error Calculation Result beam


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  • Updated 5 April 2021

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