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19 August 2019

Gerhard Rehm Add-on Modules SHAPE-THIN

I have tried to check the cross-section properties of rolled cross-sections in SHAPE-THIN and had to find out that there are deviations when determining the torsional moment of inertia It for the tables. How to explain it?


When determining the torsional moment of inertia, point elements are not considered for It in the analytical equations. Therefore, it is possible to apply a correction factor for cross-sections with distinct fillets such as rolled cross-sections, to determine the effect of the point elements. Figure 01 shows recommendations for different types of rolled cross-sections. This correction factor can be adjusted in the calculation parameters. In addition, the torsional moment of inertia can also be calculated with the FE method, which also covers the effect of point elements and welds. This approach requires slightly more computing time than the analytical calculation.


Torsion moment of inertia Correction factor Deviation

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