For Germany, the online service 'Snow, Wind, and Seismic Zone Maps' specifies the snow load zones 1*, 1a*, 2* and 3*. Where are these snow load zones defined?


In Figure NA.1A, there is a snow load zone map of Germany displayed by DIN EN 1991-1-3/NA. The exact assignment of snow load zones of the administrative units, in particular in the area of the zone boundaries, must be requested from the competent authorities. The German Institute for Building Technology DIBt publishes a table 'Allocation of Snow Load Zones According to Administrative Boundaries' for each federal state on the website
For locations of snow load zones 1 and 2 in the North German Plain, it is also necessary to check if they are within the meaning of DIN EN 1991-1-3/NA, Section 4.3, Defined Regions. For these locations, the table 'Allocation of Snow Load Zones According to Administrative Boundaries' shows the footnote 'North German Plain'. 

According to DIN EN 1991-1-3 and DIN EN 1991-1-3/NA, higher values than specified in DIN EN 1991-1-3 and DIN EN 1991-1-3/NA may result for certain layers of the snow load zone 3. These locations are displayed in the table 'Assignment of Snow Load Zones According to Administrative Boundaries'.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the results of the research project of the German Meteorological Service called 'Surface analysis of snow load data in five counties and their comparison with the snow load zone data of DIN 1055-5: 2005 as a pilot study for the revision of the snow load zone map'.

These special conditions are also available in the Dlubal Online Service. The snow load zones with special regulations are indicated by an asterisk. The special control is also displayed as a comment in the snow load zone. Figure 1 shows the snow load zone 3* for the city of Altenau. For Altenau, an increased snow load has to be taken into account. This is also displayed as a comment.


Snow load zone North German plain Administrative boundary Special regulation


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