How can I create a model template in RFEM 6?

How can I create a model template in RFEM 6?


In order to create a model template, it is required to have a model opened.
In this model, you can define RFEM elements that will also be available in any new model created by using this template.

For example, you can create a model with add-ons already enabled, without the need to open this tab when creating a new model.
Another example can be a definition of a specific set of materials, sections, or possibly even static analysis settings.

Once the template with predefined elements is ready, go to the menu:
File → Save as Template.

If prompted with a new window, you may need to Create New Template Category.
Here you can also see a directory where templates are saved as a *.ft6 file.

After creating the template, you can use it when creating a new model.
In the window for creating a model, simply select the option:
Initialization of New Model → Template → template name

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