Programs for Laminate and CLT Structures

Which programs do I need for laminate and sandwich structures, or cross-laminated timber (CLT)?


RFEM allows you to perform structural analysis and design of laminate and sandwich structures. The same applies to the cross-laminated timber. Stress and deflection analysis of laminate and sandwich surfaces is performed according to the laminate theory, taking into account the shear coupling.

Programs and Add-ons

RFEM is the main program that you can use to define the model and actions. You can model planar and spatial structures, consisting of plates, walls, shells, and members.

For the stress and deflection analysis, you need the Multilayer Surfaces add-on. It allows you to define and analyze layer structures.

Use the Timber Design add-on to also design the member supporting elements of the structure according to Eurocode 5 or ANSI/AWC NDS, for example.

Dynamic Analysis

If you need to perform a seismic or vibration analysis, the corresponding Dynamic Analysis add-ons are the perfect tools for determining natural frequencies and mode shapes, or for the analysis of external excitations.

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