Power Plants and Conveyor Structures

Which programs can I use to design power plants and conveyor structures?


Both RFEM and RSTAB are ideally suited for the structural analysis and design of power plants and conveyor structures. Depending on the requirements, you can use the add-ons from various industries, such as concrete structures or steel structures.

Main Programs RFEM and RSTAB

The main programs RFEM and RSTAB are used to define the model with its properties and actions. For this, RFEM provides more extensive options, as the finite element analysis can also be used for modeling and designing planar structural components.

Add-ons for Power Plants and Conveyor Structures

Various add-ons supplement the functionality of the main programs. In the design add-ons Steel Design and Concrete Design, you can perform the ultimate and serviceability limit state design, as well as the stability analysis according to various standards.

The Torsional Warping (7 DOF) add-on allows you to also perform lateral-torsional buckling analysis with up to seven degrees of freedom. The Stress-Strain Analysis add-on provides the option for general stress design checks, where the existing stresses are compared to the limit stresses. For the plastic design checks, we recommend the Nonlinear Material Behavior add-on.

Dynamic Analysis

If you need to perform a seismic or vibration analysis, the corresponding Dynamic Analysis add-ons are the perfect tools for determining natural frequencies and mode shapes, or for the analysis of external excitations.

In case of any questions about the Dlubal solution for power plants and conveyor structures, our sales team will be happy to assist you.


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