Web Queries (API) Geo-Zone Tool: Loading and Standard Setting

How can I set the loading and standards for web queries (API) of the Geo-Zone Tool?


A web query of the Geo-Zone Tool requires a URL composed of the identity components.

Controlling WebService (API)

The load types and standards are defined by a "map" component, which is composed of three parts:

  • The first part of the component always remains unchanged and is "map=".
  • In the second part, you specify the load category to be queried. The snow/wind/earthquake categories are available for this.
  • The third part refers to the respective standard that is stored and intended for the analyzed area. For this, an existing standard or National Annex, if available, or a corresponding table applies.

For example, to get the structural loads for snow in Germany, the following component is required:


To carry out a query for a different load type and standard, it is necessary to adjust the corresponding parts. The component for a query about the wind in Italy is as follows:


You can select load zones from a wide range of international standards:

Standards for Snow

FAQ 005525 | Annexes_Editions_Snow.xlsx

Standards for Wind

FAQ 005525 | Annexes_Editions_Wind.xlsx

Standards for Earthquake

FAQ 005525 | Annexes_Editions_Earthquake.xlsx


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