Automatically Dimensioning the Foundation Slab Geometry with RF-/FOUNDATION Pro

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In the RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro add‑on module, the automatic dimensioning of the foundation plate geometry was improved and extended. In the new dialog box for the design parameters of the foundation plate, you can now, for example, specify the increment for increase of the foundation base and the thickness of the foundation plate. It is also possible to increase the earth covering to achieve a stabilizing effect in the geotechnical designs.

If at the end of a calculation the foundation level is found to be beneath the frost‑free depth, you can select the function “Increase the earth covering if the criteria of the frost protected planting depth cannot be fulfilled”. This allows you to carry out an automatic calculation of the required earth covering up to the frost‑free depth, which is individually definable.

The options mentioned above are only a small part of the possible settings for the automatic design of the foundation geometry. Further possibilities are self-explanatorily named in the dialog box for the design parameters and can also be selected for the foundation design.


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