Improved Specification of Minimum Longitudinal Reinforcement

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The input for the minimum longitudinal reinforcement has been greatly improved in the RF‑/CONCRETE Columns module. In earlier versions, the minimum reinforcement could be defined either according to the design code or by specifying a minimum ratio of longitudinal reinforcement. Furthermore, it was not possible to define a specific amount of reinforcement, and instead the reinforcement had to be converted into a reinforcement ratio.

In the newest versions, the definition of the minimum longitudinal reinforcement for the design of reinforced concrete columns was overhauled and extended. For the specification of the minimum longitudinal reinforcement, you can now use the following options at the same time:

  • Minimum longitudinal reinforcement according to standard
  • User-defined minimum longitudinal reinforcement ratio
  • User-defined minimum reinforcement area

When you specify the minimum reinforcement area, you can now use an additional tool, in which in dependence of the number of members and their diameter, the reinforcement area is automatically calculated and transferred to the input window.

If you use all of the mentioned input options, the governing minimum longitudinal reinforcement is applied in the column design. In the results windows, you can see the determined individual minimum reinforcements represented in a clearly‑arranged way in the design details for the required longitudinal reinforcement.


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