Adjusting Available Reinforcing Steel Diameters

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In the latest customer version of RF‑/FOUNDATION Pro, you can adjust the available reinforcing steel diameters. The adjustment of the available rebar diameters works similarly to the same function in the add‑on modules RF‑/CONCRETE (Members) and RF‑/CONCRETE Columns.

In Window 1.3 Materials, click the [Edit List of Available Diameters ...] button to open a dialog box, where you can enter the desired diameters. It is also possible to deselect the diameters predetermined by default and thus delete the values entered in the text box (for example 6.0 mm).

This function allows you to create an additional diameter (for example dS = 7.0 mm) to simulate a mesh reinforcement mat which is not included in the product range (for example Germany - 2008‑01‑01).


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