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27 July 2015




After the calculation, the results are displayed in clearly arranged tables. Each intermediate value is listed, making the designs transparent.

The module creates a reinforcement concept for the longitudinal and the shear reinforcement considering all constructional specifications. The reinforcement is represented by a 3D drawing including dimensions. You can adjust the reinforcement concept to your individual requirements. A 3D graphic shows the exact distribution of strain and stress across the cross-section.

If any of the fire resistance designs is not fulfilled, RF-/CONCRETE Columns increases the required reinforcement until either all designs are performed successfully or no reinforcement layout can be found. The columns including the reinforcement can be visualized in a 3D rendering as well as in the RFEM work window. In addition to the input and result data including design details displayed in tables, you can add all graphics into the printout report. In this way, a comprehensible and clearly arranged documentation is guaranteed.

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  • Updated 26 October 2020
RFEM Concrete Structures
RF-CONCRETE Columns 5.xx

Add-on Module

Reinforced concrete design according to the model column method (method based on nominal curvature)

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