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26 September 2016



First, it is necessary to decide whether to perform design according to ASD or LRFD. Then, you can enter the load cases, load combinations, and result combinations to be designed. Load combinations according to ASCE 7 can be generated either manually or automatically in RFEM/RSTAB.

Further specifications include presetting of lateral intermediate supports, effective lengths, and other standard-specific design parameters such as the modification factor Cb for lateral-torsional buckling or the shear lag factor. In the case of continuous members, it is possible to define individual support conditions and eccentricities of each intermediate node of single members. A special FEA tool determines critical loads and moments required for the stability analysis.

In connection with RFEM/RSTAB, it is possible to apply the Direct Analysis Method taking into account the influence of the general calculation according to the second-order analysis. In this way, you avoid using special enlargement factors.

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RFEM Steel and Aluminium Structures

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Design of steel members according to the American standard ANSI/AISC 360

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