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27 July 2015



After opening the add-on module, it is necessary to select the members/sets of members, load cases, load or result combinations for the ultimate limit state, serviceability limit state and fire resistance design (only ASD). Also, you can select the design method (ASD or LRFD). The materials from RFEM/RSTAB are preset and can be adjusted in RF-/TIMBER AWC. Material properties listed in the respective standard are included in the material library.

When checking the cross-sections, you can specify whether to apply the design values of the relevant standard, or user-defined values. Then, you can consider the load duration classes (LDC), temperature effects, and moisture service conditions.

The deformation analysis requires the reference lengths of the relevant members and sets of members. Furthermore, you can define a specific direction of deflection, precamber and beam type.

For fire resistance design, you can define charring sides of member or set of members.

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Add-on Module

Design of timber members according to the American standard ANSI/AWC NDS

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