RF-/DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations | Features

Product Feature

  • Automatic consideration of masses from self-weight
  • Direct import of masses from load cases or load combinations
  • Optional definition of additional masses (nodal, linear, surface masses, as well as inertia masses)
  • Combination of masses in different mass cases and mass combinations
  • Preset combination coefficients according to EC 8
  • Optional import of normal force distributions (in order to consider prestress, for example)
  • Stiffness modification (for example, deactivated members or stiffnesses can be imported from RF-/CONCRETE)
  • Consideration of failed supports or members
  • Definition of several natural vibration cases (for example to analyze different masses or stiffness modifications)
  • Results of eigenvalue, angular frequency, natural frequency and period
  • Determination of mode shapes and masses in nodes or FE mesh points
  • Results of modal masses, effective modal masses, and modal mass factors
  • Visualization and animation of mode shapes
  • Various scaling options for mode shapes
  • Documentation of numerical and graphical results in the printout report
RFEM Dynamic Analysis
RF-DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations  5.xx

Add-on Module

Dynamic analysis of natural frequencies and mode shapes of member, surface, and solid models

Price of First License
1,030.00 USD