RF-/DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations | Input

Product Feature

Input windows require all data necessary for determination of natural frequencies, such as mass shapes and eigenvalue solvers.

The RF-/DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations add-on module determines the lowest eigenvalues of the structure. You can adjust the number of eigenvalues. Masses are directly imported from load cases or load combinations (with optional consideration of total masses or a load component in the direction of gravity).

Additional masses can be defined manually at nodes, lines, members, or surfaces. Furthermore, you can influence the stiffness matrix by importing normal forces or stiffness modifications of a load case or a load combination.

RFEM Dynamic Analysis
RF-DYNAM Pro - Natural Vibrations  5.xx

Add-on Module

Dynamic analysis of natural frequencies and mode shapes of member, surface, and solid models

Price of First License
1,030.00 USD