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29 April 2015

General RF-STABILITY Stability Analysis

  • Calculation of models consisting of member, shell and solid elements
  • Import of axial forces from a load case or combination
  • Non-linear stability analysis
  • Optional consideration of axial forces from initial prestress
  • Four equation solvers for effective calculation of various structural models
  • Optional consideration of stiffness modifications in RFEM
  • Calculation of buckling modes of unstable models
  • Determination of stability mode greater than the user-defined load increment factor (Shift method)
  • Optional determination of the mode shapes of unstable models (to recognize the instability cause)
  • Visualization of stability mode
  • Basis for analysis using imperfect equivalent structures in RF-IMP
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Add-on Module

Stability analysis according to the eigenvalue method

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1,030.00 USD