RSBUCK | Calculation

Product Feature

RSBUCK determines the most unfavorable buckling modes of a structure. Due to the theory forming the basis of the calculation method, it is generally not possible to exclude lower eigenvalues from the analysis and determine higher eigenvalues at the same time. With RSBUCK, you can determine up to the 10,000 lowest eigenvalues of a structural system.

By default, RSBUCK uses the average value of the axial forces occurring on the individual members to calculate the eigenvalues/critical load factors. Optionally, the module can also process the most unfavorable axial force of a member. The determination of buckling modes is performed by an eigenvalue analysis for the entire structure. For this, an iterative equation solver is used.

You only have to specify the following two values:

  • the maximum number of iterations
  • the break off limit

As you can approximate an exact result as close as possible but never reach it, RSBUCK cancels the calculation process when the defined number of iteration steps has been completed. In the case of a convergence problem, the break off limit determines the moment when an approximate solution can be considered as an exact result. Divergence problems have no solution.


Add-on Module

Stability analysis according to the eigenvalue method

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