SHAPE-THIN | Cross-Section Properties and Stresses

Product Feature

SHAPE-THIN determines the section properties and stresses of any open, closed, built-up, or non-connected cross-sections.

Cross-Section Properties
  • Cross-sectional area A
  • Shear areas Ay, Az, Au, and Av
  • Centroid position yS, zS
  • Moments of inertia Iy, Iz, Iyz, Iu, Iv, Ip, Ip,M
  • Radii of gyration iy, iz, iyz, iu, iv, ip, ip,M
  • Inclination of principal axes α
  • Cross-section weight G
  • Cross-section perimeter U
  • Torsional constants J, JSt.Venant, JBredt, Js
  • Location of the shear center yM, zM
  • Warping constants Iω,S, Iω,M or Iω,D for lateral restraint
  • Max/min section moduli Sy, Sz, Su, Sv, Sω,M with locations
  • Section ranges ru, rv, rM,u, rM,v
  • Reduction factor λM

Plastic Cross-Section Properties
  • Axial force Npl,d
  • Shear forces Vpl,y,d, Vpl,z,d, Vpl,u,d, Vpl,v,d
  • Bending moments Mpl,y,d, Mpl,z,d, Mpl,u,d, Mpl,v,d
  • Section moduli Zy, Zz, Zu, Zv
  • Shear areas Apl,y, Apl,z, Apl,u, Apl,v
  • Position of area bisecting axes fu, fv
  • Display of the inertia ellipse

Statical Moments
  • First moments of area Qu, Qv, Qy, Qz with location of maxima and specification of shear flow
  • Warping coordinates ωM
  • Warping areas Qω,M
  • Cell areas Am of closed cross-sections

  • Normal stresses σx due to axial force, bending moments and warping bimoment
  • Shear stresses τ due to shear forces as well as primary and secondary torsional moments
  • Equivalent stresses σeqv with customizable factor for shear stresses
  • Stress ratios, related to limit stresses
  • Stresses for element edges or center lines
  • Weld stresses in fillet welds

Shear Wall Sections
  • Section properties of non-connected cross-sections (cores of high-rise buildings, composite sections)
  • Shear wall shear forces due to bending and torsion

Plastic Design
  • Plastic capacity design with determination of the enlargement factor αpl
  • Check of the (c/t) ratios following the design methods el-el, el-pl or pl-pl according to DIN 18800

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Cross-Sections Thin-Walled

Cross-Section Properties Software

Section properties, stress analysis, and plastic design of open and closed thin-walled cross-sections

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