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In May 2015, the "Solhjul" art project (in English: sun wheel) by artist Bo Karberg officially opened. The 39.3-foot‑high wheel is located in the center island of a traffic circle in Give, Denmark. It is now the new symbol of the town.

Structural Engineering Schmidt Nielsen ApS
Ingenieurbüro für Baustatik F.R.I.
Odense, Denmark
Artist Bo Karberg
Klippinge, Denmark
Investor Foreningen Skulpturby
Give, Denmark



When creating the artwork, artist Bo Karberg was inspired by a 5,000-year old disk wheel. It was found in 1948 in Pilkmosen, near Give. The disk wheel is considered the oldest wheel in Europe and is located in the Danish National Museum in Copenhagen.


The outer ring of the "sun wheel" is made of steel, covered with a GRP shell, and the inner grid consists of prestressed stainless steel tension bars. Glass plates are integrated into the grid structure, similar to the glass pyramid of the Louvre in Paris.

The diameter of the wheel is 36 ft. On the bottom side, the wheel is fixed in a foundation with the following dimensions: w x h x d = 13.1 ft x 22.9 ft x 8.2 ft.

The inner grid consists of a total of 7,405 parts - round steel bars with diameters ranging from 0.47 to 1.5 in.

The sculpture was funded by the EU and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Fisheries of Denmark, as well as by a broad range of individuals and companies.

Engineer Martin Schmidt-Nielsen says: “The 'Solhjul' art project was designed with the RSTAB and RFEM programs. Dlubal's great support contributed to the success.”

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