Additional Analyses

Add-ons for Additional Analyses

  • RFEM FEM Structural Analysis Program
  • EC 8
  • Steel Membrane Structure

Nonlinear Material Behavior for RFEM 6

The Nonlinear Material Behavior add-on for RFEM 6 allows you to consider nonlinear material behavior in RFEM (for example, isotropic plastic, orthotropic plastic, isotropic damage).

Structure Stability for RFEM 6 / RSTAB 9

The Structure Stability add-on allows you to perform stability analyses. It determines critical load factors and the corresponding stability modes – making your work in this area significantly easier.

Construction Stages Analysis (CSA) for RFEM 6

Are you familiar with the Construction Stages Analysis (CSA) add-on? It allows you to consider the staged construction process of structures (member, surface, and solid elements) in RFEM.

If the effects of the staged construction process are neglected, errors may arise in the calculation of entire models. You can avoid this problem by using the Construction Stages Analysis (CSA) add-on. Use it to analyze the effects with minimum effort and consider them in the structural design.

Time-Dependent Analysis (TDA) for RFEM 6

Every building experiences long-term effects over time, which are often difficult to estimate. The Time-Dependent Analysis (TDA) add-on allows you to consider the time-dependent material behavior of members. Long-term effects, such as creep, shrinkage, and aging, can influence the distribution of internal forces, depending on the structure. Use this add-on to take these effects into account.

Form-Finding for RFEM 6

Is form-finding an important part of your design projects? Then this is the add-on you need. The Form-Finding add-on searches for the optimal shape of members subjected to axial forces and surface models subjected to tension. The shape is determined by the equilibrium between the member axial force or the membrane stress and the existing boundary conditions.

Torsional Warping (7 DOF) for RFEM 6 / RSTAB 9

The Torsional Warping (7 DOF) add-on expands your options in RFEM and RSTAB. It allows you to consider cross-section warping as an additional degree of freedom when calculating members.

Geotechnical Analysis for RFEM 6

The Geotechnical Analysis add-on is a useful addition for your project workflow. This add-on uses the properties from soil samples to determine the soil body to be analyzed. This is of particular importance for soil-structure interaction. Realistic modeing of soil conditions may significantly influence the structural analysis and design.


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