Frame Analysis Software RSTAB 9 | User Interface

Structural Engineering Analysis & Design Software

The 3D structural frame analysis program RSTAB is the ideal tool for the design of beam, frame, or truss structures consisting of steel, reinforced concrete, timber, aluminum, or other materials.

With RSTAB you can easily and quickly define a structural model and then calculate the internal forces, deformations, and support reactions. Various add-ons that take into account the material and standard-specific requirements are available for the design.

  • RSTAB 9 for Frames and Trusses

Editable GUI for Individual Adjustment


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The model is created in a graphical user interface characteristic for CAD programs, via tables, or a combination of both. Extensive shortcut menus facilitate the input. Since the structural model is visualised photorealistically, you can directly check the entered data.


Intuitive User Interface

Models are created in the graphical user interface typical for CAD programs. Right-clicking on graphical or navigator objects opens the shortcut menu, which facilitates creating or editing such objects.

The user interface is intuitive to use. Structural and loading objects can therefore be created in a minimal amount of time.


Multilingual User Interface

It is possible to operate the program in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Chinese, and Dutch.


Photorealistic Rendering

The photorealistic rendering of the model (optionally with textures) always provides immediate control of the input. Display colors can be freely adjusted and saved separately for screen and printout.


Display Properties

It is possible to assign different colors to various objects of a structure in order to make the rendering display of the structure more clearly arranged.

A distinction is made between the various object properties of nodes, lines, members, member sets, surfaces, and solids. Moreover, the model can be displayed in photorealistic rendering.


Displaying and Hiding Objects

It is possible to selectively display or hide various objects such as nodes, members, supports, and others. The model can be dimensioned by using lines, arcs, inclinations, or height elevations. Freely created guidelines, sections, and comments facilitate the input and evaluation. You can also display or hide the guide objects individually.


Global Unit Settings

A global dialog box manages the units for input data, loads, and results in RFEM/RSTAB, as well as in all add-ons.

You can save the settings and import them again later on. That way, you can use different sections in steel and reinforced concrete structures, for example.


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Online Training | English

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Special Solutions

First, the two-part Optimization & Costs / CO2 Emission Estimation add-on finds suitable parameters for parameterized models and blocks via the artificial intelligence (AI) technique of particle swarm optimization (PSO) for compliance with common optimization criteria. Second, this add-on estimates the model costs or CO2 emissions by specifying unit costs or emissions per material definition for the structural model.

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