Gazebo in Monbijoupark in Bern, Switzerland

A new timber structure can be admired in Monbijoupark in the city of Bern, Switzerland. The gazebo was built during the park renovation and is to be used as a meeting place in the future. The unusual shape is particularly eye-catching and fits perfectly with the surroundings.

Since 2022, the gazebo has been a meeting place, inviting people to come together during the frost-free months. The gazebo's special shape is remarkable and at the same time, it fits easily into the redesigned park due to its organic structure.


The pavilion's shape symbolizes a newly blooming flower, with 16 supporting lamellas forming a circle covered by a cantilevered roof. The displaced circle is inclined by six degrees, so that all lamellas and all interspaces have different dimensions.

The outer diameter is about 19 ft, the maximum height is about 13 ft. The roof overhangs up to 15 ft. Both the columns and the wall elements were prefabricated and assembled on site.

Indermühle Bauingenieure were responsible for the structural engineering of this interesting customer project using our RFEM structural analysis and design program. It is nice to see that more and more timber design projects are being built.

3007 Bern, Switzerland
Investor Stadtgrün Bern
Architecture Zuckschwerdt Architekten, Bern
Landscape Architecture Xeros Landschaftsarchitektur
Timber Engineering Indermühle Bauingenieure

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 195
Number of Lines 242
Number of Members 242
Number of Surfaces 0
Number of Solids 0
Number of Load Cases 3
Number of Load Combinations 0
Number of Result Combinations 1
Total Weight 4.186 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 11,400 x 3,857 x 11,281 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 37.4 x 12.65 x 37.01 feet

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