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If a crane runway has a small cantilever beam at the beginning and end, so that the runners reach the support, the deformations in these areas show impermissible values. What should I do?


According to current recommendations, the proof of deformation for a cantilevered crane runway girder with the formulas

$ \ Mathrm {Az} \ \ leq \; (2 \; \ times \ l _ {\ mathrm {cantilever}}) \ / \ \ mathrm {zul} \;. \ Mathrm {} $ deformation
$ \ Mathrm {Az} \; \ leq \;. \ Mathrm {perm} \; \ max \;. \ Mathrm {} $ deformation

guided. It can not be distinguished by the program whether the proof for the crane runway carrier to be verified is meaningless or not. This decision must be made by the engineer.

Usually, the examiner is given a simple indication in the statics. Alternatively, one could also decide whether such a carrier for the design of the entire crane runway carrier is ever relevant and neglected when entering the geometry.

There is already an interesting webinar on the topic of " Designing crane runways according to Eurocode 3 ".


Kragarm Krahnbahnträger deformation cantilever deformation proof allowable deformation


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