Roofing of Sports Area at Multi-Purpose High School in North of Mayotte, France

As part of the renovation and reconstruction of the sports area at a multi-purpose city high school in the north of Mayotte, an overseas department of France, a roofing was built as a steel-textile structure to protect the area from bad weather and the sun.

The French company Normandie Structures was in charge of the preliminary study, manufacturing, and assembly of the steel-textile framework.


The structure of the yard's roofing above the sports area consists of 7 steel frames, made up of hollow circular columns and PRS beams in galvanized steel. The frames are connected to each other by a system of longitudinal bracings between the columns, as well as by struts and arches installed between the beams. A channel system integrated into the beams and downpipes integrated into the columns allow unobtrusive rainwater drainage and improved esthetic appeal. The double-curved membrane cover provides optimal protection against the effects of weather while offering a modern and clear design.

This courtyard roofing now offers an ideal covered space for sports activities and other outdoor events of the school.

Design Software

As part of the construction of the roofing, Normandie Structures carried out a preliminary study of the project. The structure was modeled in RFEM 5 on the basis of an imported wire frame model created in SolidWorks. In order to determine the wind loads to be applied to the roofing in relation to its location by the sea, situated in a cyclonic risk zone, digital wind tunnel analyses were carried out by means of the RWIND software, taking into account the topography of the site.

The RF-FORM-FINDING add-on module made it possible to find the shape of the membranes used for the roofing and to consider their effects on the framework.

The elements of the steel frame were designed by the RF-STEEL EC3 add-on module.

Lycée Du Nord
BP 120
Investor Rectorate of Mayotte
Project Management Malecot + Boyer Architectes
Engineering Office ACS Production
Framework Normandie Structures, Etrepagny, France
Membrane Spécial Textile

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 350
Number of Lines 446
Number of Members 588
Number of Surfaces 30
Number of Load Cases 1
Number of Load Combinations 12
Number of Result Combinations 4
Total Weight 36.779 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 31.647 x 45.022 x 9.580 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 103.83 x 147.71 x 31.43 feet
Program Version 5.31.01

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