Industrial Warehouse Extension in Bressuire, France

This project by Groupe Millet, a leading industrial carpentry company, forms part of an ambitious plan to significantly expand its warehouse near Bressuire, France. The structure of the new building with an area of 1,800 m² (19,375 ft²), called Extension M2, is primarily intended to enhance the company's operating capacities. GH Hervouet designed, manufactured, and assembled the steel frame, as well as the roofing and cladding components.
Project Presentation

The extension project includes an industrial hall of 1,800 m² (19,375 ft²) and a mezzanine of 600 m² (6,458 ft²). The objective is to create an additional space, optimized for the storage and management of finished products. The new structure with a length of 45 m (148 ft) and a width of 40 m (131 ft), and a height of 12 m (39 ft), has been designed to integrate harmoniously with the existing facilities while providing increased load capacity.

Technical Details

The entire building structure was modeled and designed in RFEM 6. The mezzanine with an area of 600 m² (6,458 ft²) is designed as a composite floor slab with a thickness of 19 cm (7.5 in). It can withstand a live load of 2 tonnes per square meter (19.6 kPa), providing storage capacity without compromising the safety or stability of the building.

The materials used for the extension structure are selected for their durability and ability to meet strict industrial standards. By using RFEM 6 and the corresponding add‑ons, it was possible to optimize the individual structural elements and steel connections, as well as to perform a seismic analysis of the entire system.

GH Hervouet has once again demonstrated its expertise for this steel extension project in the industrial sector, from design to completion (steel structure, roofing, and cladding).
Location 79140 Brettignolles
Investor Groupe Millet
Project Management Triade
Architect Brice Kohler (Triade Architectes)
BE Control ATES
Design and Construction GH Hervouet

Project Specifications

Model Data

Number of Nodes 458
Number of Lines 651
Number of Members 527
Number of Surfaces 22
Number of Solids 0
Number of Load Cases 13
Number of Load Combinations 179
Number of Result Combinations 1
Total Weight 132.907 tons
Dimensions (Metric) 44.410 x 15.960 x 38.660 m
Dimensions (Imperial) 145.7 x 52.36 x 126.84 feet

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