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How can I rotate a cross-section in 2D mode by 90 ° so that it can be loaded about the minor axis? When trying to rotate the cross-section, an error message appears.


When you enter models in two-dimensional space, only angles of rotation of the cross-sections of 0 ° and 180 ° are allowed. The direction of the local axis system in member (xyz) is clearly defined, and for 2D models, only member internal forces M y and V z are calculated.

In a two-dimensional space, the strong axis of the cross-section (y-axis) is always aligned in the direction of the global axis Y, the weak axis (z-axis) is not considered (assumed as completely non-deformable, so to speak).

If cross-section rotations are allowed, double bending might occur because only loads in the 2D zone can be defined in the XZ plane. However, the resulting Vy, T, and Mz component would then remain unconsidered. For this reason, only those cross-section rotations are allowed for which the local z-axis of the cross-section points into the XZ plane.

Finally, in this case, we recommend entering a 3D model where any cross-section rotations are allowed.


Rod rotation 2D Cross-section rotation 90 °

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