In CRANEWAY, the crane overruns the ends of the girder by default. How can I prevent this?


To determine the maximum support forces, it is often necessary to allow the crane to overrun the designed girder. In this way, it is ensured that in the case of asymmetric load distribution, for example, every wheel really runs over the critical location of the girder.

However, if there are girder buffers to prevent the crane from moving out on the left and/or right end, the distances bL and bR can be entered in both text boxes. This also reduces the number of generated load combinations.

If necessary, you can specify an eccentric arrangement of the buffers in a dialog box by using the [Details] button (see the figure).

You can find more information about the design of craneway girders in the webinar under Links.


girder buffer overrun crane runway buffer


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  • Updated 29 October 2020

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