13 August 2019

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Sonja von Bloh



In a section through a surface, the result diagrams are not displayed in the entire area of the section. What is the reason?


If the section was defined on an unused line, activate the "Integrate unutilized objects into surfaces" check box in FE Mesh Settings. There is a section defined on Line 7 and Line 12 in Figure 01. Line 7 has no other function for Surface 1. It is neither the boundary line of Surface 1, nor does it have a support or a load. In FE Mesh Settings, the "Integrate unutilized objects into surfaces" check box is deactivated so that no result diagrams are displayed on Line 7. On the other hand, Line 12 is subjected to a load, so there are the result diagrams displayed on this line. If selecting the "Integrate unutilized objects into surfaces" checkbox, the result diagrams are also displayed on Line 7.

If the section runs through several surfaces, the respective surfaces have to be specified in the "On Surface No." section. Figure 02 shows a section through Surface 3 and Surface 4. In the "On Surfaces No." section, Surface 3 is only specified so that the result diagrams are displayed on this surface only. Surface 4 would have to be specified in the "On Surfaces No." section in order to also display the result diagrams here.


Section Section through surface


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